Heart Scans- Calcium Scan Measures Heart Health

As people age, their bodies start to lose the dexterity that they used to have. As children, hopefully they were taught the importance of calcium in their diet, milk being one of the most important sources. Those who followed the rules ended up with strong bones.You may want to check out Advancedbodyscan for more.

However, even these people are not immune to bone problems associated with age, and that is why they should get a calcium scan as soon as they turn fifty. Now, you might think that a calcium scan entails scanning bones to see the level of calcium deposit that they have. However, this assumption is untrue, because it is actually a scan to check the health of the arteries and the heart.

Unfortunately, many people end up with heart disease or are at risk for it. The most dangerous aspect of heart disease is the risk of a heart attack. Heart attacks are caused by a buildup in the arteries. Part of this buildup consists of calcium. So, a calcium scan checks the arteries for this calcium buildup, and thus can help a doctor diagnose the patient’s risk of suffering a heart attack.

How can you tell if you are a good candidate for a calcium scan? First of all, you usually have to have a history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you are a smoker, you are automatically at a higher risk for a heart attack. So remember: Calcium is good for your bones, but it is definitely not good for your arteries!